Our Friends

Who they are? When did they start with He Cares? What are they doing for He Cares?


Missionary of God’s Love and Young Men of God

Missionary of God’s Love and Young Men of God are two Australian organizations that support He Cares Mission. The former consists of Catholic priests and consecrated brothers who work together to evangelize lay people. The latter is a Catholic movement of young men who believe in the power of brotherhood and the importance to share ideas and to witness genuine strength in the world. They have been supporting He Cares since 2012, specifically in the Donate A Brick Campaign. They sent Bro. Joe Dean Sola to Australia to present this campaign that had the goal of gaining funds in order to construct a building for He Cares.


Enfants Du Mekong


Enfants Du Mekong is a French non-governmental organization that gives opportunities to children of poor families to study in order to have a better life. They have been supporting He Cares since 2004, specifically through the Back to School program where they now have 30 scholars.


Friends from Ireland

Francis Dick. 2009. Sponsor 45 children.

He Cares Ireland, is a small group of supporters that came together after Fra Dick first visited the He Cares Mission some 10 years ago. He came back to Ireland and began telling people about the inspirational work of the He Cares Mission. Fra now travels to Manila twice a year to join with the volunteers in the mission of He Cares. He is regularly accompanied by his wife Breda and their close Friends Pete and Cath Morris who have also become passionate supporters of the work.

Our Partnership with He Cares brings both financial and practical volunteering. The group in Ireland provide educational scholarships for approximately 30 children along with financial support for the Back To Work programme. More recently during his trips, Fra has started to help He Cares develop stronger Financial systems and will continue to develop this area of the mission in the months and years ahead.


Friends from Japan



Our Friend from the Philippines

Bros. Bo Sanchez and Joe Dean Sola go a long, long way. They became friends in 1985 when Joe Dean joined the Light of Jesus Family. Bro. Bo became Joe Dean’s pastor and best friend. They even lived together for 5 years to discern their state of life. When the Light of Jesus Community purchased a 5 hectare agricultural land in Montalban, Joe Dean became Bro. Bo’s foreman in the now called “Anawim”.

In 1995, Joe Dean got married and pursued God’s calling for himself and his wife. He went to Bro. Bo and bade the Light of Jesus Community goodbye, but only after getting the blessing of his beloved pastor. Bro. Bo gave his full support to Joe Dean’s undertaking and promised him he will be there for him forever.

The friendship of these two God-fearing men has passed the test of time. He Cares Mission is one of the many ministries that is supported by the Light of Jesus Family to date. Bro. Bo has remained a trusted friend, not only of Joe Dean, but of the entire family of He Cares.

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The Street Children in the Philippines

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